How to calculate Number of required RACH Root Sequences in each cell?

Hi Experts.

How it is 3 in the image?

It should be 10, right?

Table for Mid band NSA RACH.

Vendor Ericsson.

Check PRACH -1.

Instead of 64 preamble E// has 16 preamble per cell.

I think you can find this note in the same library or decode it from the log.

But this preambles too are contention based in 5G SA seen in the product specifications.

Nokia has contention free I believe in 5G SA.

Are you sure? Only 16 preambles per cell?

Hello Experts.

Can anyone help to get a table for cell radius vs number of root sequence required per cell for NR?

TDD78, 30Khz SCS, 15 kHz RA-SCS, 4:1 slot conf