How to calculate antenna horizontal isolation?


Can anyone help me with any tool to calculate Horizontal Isolation, distance between two antennas of different or equal frequencies?

You can use this tool:

Antenna Horizontal Isolation Calculator

The calculator provides an estimate of the isolation provided by two horizontally separated antennas

Enter Appropriate data (assumes use of OMNI antennas):

|Frequency:|MHz (Frequency to test)|
|Gain1:|dBd (gain of antenna1)|
|Gain2:|dBd (gain of antenna2)|
|Distance:|horizontal separation|

The horizontal antenna isolation is ~ dB

Note: Data is based on the use of half-wave dipole antennas. The data also provides acceptable results for gain type antennas if the spacing between the gain antennas is at least 50 ft. (15.24m) (approximately the far field). Experience has shown that isolation improves when the two horizontal spaced antennas are in the near field of each other.

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