How to Add Line Break in Excel formula (New Line / Carriage Return)

Sometimes we need to have the results of an Excel formula on separate lines.

No: you cannot do it by simply pressing Enter. :slight_smile:

But this is very easy to do: simply use CHAR() funtion.

Simply append “CHAR(10)” in the formula, in all the places you want a Line Break!

For example, let’s say you want a report with a cell containing all basic information for a site.

Maybe you have the information in an Excel table, like this:


And want to present it like this (in one cell only):


To get this, simply work with formula, adding “CHAR(10)” where you want.


Note; depending on your Excel language, the CHAR function may vary. For example CARACT in Portuguese.

Download Sample: (6.2 KB)

Great tip @IT_Specialist!

I used to do ALT + ENTER, but your suggestion is more elegant and easy. Thanks! :wink: