How the value of q-QualMin-r9 is planned?

Hi Experts.
How the value of q-QualMin-r9 is planned?
Is it part of LB planning?

This is for RSRQ based reselection.
Has anyone compared the performance after activation of RSRQ based reselection?

It’s for RSRQ based cell selection for rel9 UEs.
Need to follow both RSRP and RSRQ for cell selection if if broadcast.

Thanks @ankgitm.
I just want to know the benefits observed after configuring these parameters.

Only benefit is more accurate cell selection done on basis of RSRQ as well.

Can something be measured in terms of KPI as well?

You can check throughput for same cell, but you need RSRP vs RSRP and RSRQ comparison to prove it.

You can check call setup success ratio after activating RSRQ reselection.
There will be many reselections between layers so battery of UE may be impacted but CSSR will improve.
If your CSSR is not improved then you must roll-back of review your settings: you have not used the right parameters to enable q-QualMin-r9 reselection.


I thnk worldwide only 0.01% used RSRQ.