How SSB Subcarrier Spacing is determined?

Hello Experts.

I have one query.

In 38213, clause [13], there are tables from 13-1 to 13-10, like below.

My question is how UE go to particular table just by reading MIB?

What I mean is how UE know SS/PBCH, PDCCH is {15,15}?

Since in MIB we have only Sub-carrierSpacingCommon parameter.

Sub-CarrierSpacingCommon tells SS/PBCH or PDCCH value?

Your answer is here:

How SSB Subcarrier Spacing is determined?

More details here: SSB_Bitmap_Ex_01

Thanks @RFSpecialist.

But from 38.213, ssbSubCarrierSpacing in MIB is the SCS for SS/PBCH.

How UE will know SCS for PDCCH?

I still didn’t get that point…

To my understanding it is given by subCarrierSpacingCommon from MIB.

So do you mean subCarrierSpacing in MIB denotes both SS/PBCH and PDCCH?

No, just the PDCCH.

To decode the MIB you already need to know the SCS for PBCH.

You cannot decode MIB untill you know the SCS of the PBCH. This is common sense.

Reference: 38.104 v17.6.0 - Table Applicable SS raster entries per operating band (FR1)