How often should UE repeat the Attach / RRC connection requests if no answers received?

Hello dears.

If UE sends attach request in Uplink and gets no answer from RAN to RRC connection request in good RF, how often it should repeat the Attach request / RRC connection request?

I believe every 5 seconds, Is there a timer for this?

Because I have seen cases where for 11 seconds UE is not sending again Attach request / RRC connection request in good RF.

There is defined timer, but can be tuned on number of request / frequency as per the network.

I am concerned why UE does not follow that timer.

11 seconds without RRC request is a lot.

Ideally it should.

Do you see any issue with the UE?

It is S23+ should be no issue, but I am starting to concern that there is.

Try with other headset and see if it repeats.

There should be every 5 seconds an RRC request unless cell become not eligible or UE gets an attach reject with some specific causes.

Yes, true.

I mean NAS timer of initiating attach request forces the UE to initiate an RRC connection request

And in my case is NAS layer that acts with 11 seconds between attach requests.

So lower layers of UE are OK, just NAS layer seems to act weird…

NAS timers come into picture only after RRC declares failure for the connection establishment.

Probably in your case RRC reported failure after 1sec and NAS retrys attach recovery after T3411 which is 10 secs (NR also has T3511 with the same default value of 10secs).

Yes, before that it was a service reject with cause implicit detach.

It is about 11 second between attach messages on NAS before RRC connection request for each.

No after detach, UE would try attach…

Please check after NAS made the first attach request, when did RRC bail out.

After that NAS would take 10 secs to retry attach again.

OK, thanks a lot, will have a look.