How NB-IoT and LTE traffic are separated?

Dears, a question on NB-IoT deploymnet.

How NB-IoT and LTE traffic are separated?

In which layer?

Based on what identity?



Hi @Pourya_alinezhad ,

NB-IOT as Narrow Band-IOT has been separated since Physical Layer.
NB-IOT standard uses 200 KHz spectrum frequency.

So NB-IOT can run on,

  1. Take 1 channel of GSM spectrum.
  2. On Guard Band (un use) between the spectrum band.
  3. In Band (use) spectrum.

For number 1 & 2, I think it’s already clear.

For number 3, can be 2 ways.

  1. Spectrum can be separated using DSS (dynamic spectrum sharing feature), to separated between NB-IOT & LTE.
  2. PRB Anchor for NB-IOT is used to send and receive the user data using Narrow Band Physical Uplink Shared Channel or Narrow Band Physical Downlink Shared Channel.

& I think there are still many technique to applied NB-IOT to find it’s flexibility implementation, which is may be I missed.

But the principle of NB-IOT which is make different from it’s legacy technology are,

  1. Low Power Consumption (to extend battery life to multi years)
  2. Wide Area Coverage, designed to high in building penetration & handling massive device.
  3. Low cost device, only selected function & small data transaction.

Please the expert here if have any other experience.