How much Re-Establishment Rate is bearable in LTE?

Hi Experts,
How much reestablishment rate is bearable in LTE?
As to avoid drops and PDCCH issues.

Reestablishments for VoLTE are not good as it brings gaps in voice.
Try to minimize as much as possible re-establishments.

For LTE Data call.

For data there is no issue.
It can be 5-10% related to number of RRC established.

In DL how about 15 percent of BLER? How will affect?

10% BLER on pdsch is industry standard.

Yes, and if we have 15% defined?
With high initial CQI.
Too risky.

15% reestablishments is not so much related to BLER but to radiolink failures.
That means coverage holes, lack of best server, etc…not related to BLER value.

Yes, but BLER cause retransmission.

Do you mean Reestablishment SR?

No, this rate after RLF, the reestablishment depending on RRC.

It all depends on your timer and constants N310, T310, N311, T311.
Playing with those values can reduce number of re-establishment but will degrade users experience.

However keep in mind that there’s no substitute for improving RF plan (coverage, interference, reduce overlapping, downtilt overshooters, etc…)

For VoLTE we have QCI1 separate parameter.
RLF is from UE end or eNodeB end.
For eNodeB end check cqidtx, srsdtx.

Actually I saw as per CQI high retx is high, as per 3gpp.
Only data.

How to identify RLF UE or eNodeB from KPIs?
Doses we have due to syncout ho issues and erab fail as per KPIs?

There are much more cases than this for UL out of sync.

For VoLTE it is better check rBler.