How many UEs can use U-slots with periodic CSIs configuration?

Hi Experts.

In 5G SA, if we are using DDDSUUDDDD TDD frame, how many UEs can use U-slots with periodic CSIs configuration?

It will depends upon csi report periodicity.

Lets say periodicity is either 80 ms or 160 ms.

Min is 80 ms, but I can go up.

But I don’t want to got anywhere over 320 ms…

And can you explain how it depends on periodicity?

I am talking about one single slot.

How many UEs can use one single slot for CSI.

For single slot, this will depend upon how many F2 PUCCH resources has been defined for CSI.

If there is only one PUCCH resource per slot then only one UE will be handled in one Uplink slot.

I think only F0, F1, and F4 support multiplexing multiple UEs. F2 and F3 doesn’t?

Yes F2 does not support cyclic shift.

So coming to conclusion with single PUCCH resource with 80 ms, you can accommodate max 32 UE.


If you don’t mind, and if it doesn’t take much of your time, can you explain the logic behind this?

Or refer me to some source so that I can play around with the periodicity and all.

I have around 64 UEs.

Check how many rbs is configured.

From csi-rs configuration.

My above calculation was based on SCS -30 kHz. In this case you have 20 slot in 10ms, in 20 slot you have 4 Uplink slot.

So in 10 ms, you can accomodate 4 UE and 80 ms you can accomodate 4 * 8 = 32.


But actually I am looking for a solution to have more than one UEs in one slot.

In dddsuudddd format, if uu slots (100 MHz bw) are allocated for periodic CSI transmission.

How many UEs can we assign for the CSI during these slots?

On what basis this decision is made?

In long pucch format 3, 6 PRBs in total, thus six UEs can report peridic CSI in each slot. so in my understanding it is depend on how many PRBs are utilized for PUCCH.

Format 1 occupies 4 PRBs.