How many TDD frame configuration available in 5G NR?

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How many TDD frame configuration available in 5G NR?

Lke in LTE TDD we have 7 frame configuration, depending on Dl/UL ratio.

In 5G , at the BS side, the number of uplink and downlink slots may be almost arbitrarily configured within the TDD frame periodicity.

A guard period, when switching from downlink transmission to uplink transmission, is implemented in the special slots, which are configured with a combination of suitable uplink, and downlink symbols, interjected with a flexible number of silent symbols (or guard symbols).

At the UE side, formally any DL/UL symbol pattern is supported, as it’s up to the base station signalling to the UE whether uplink or downlink is to be transmitted in a certain time slot/symbol.

You can check 38.331 v15.3.0 … that might help.

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Is there any fixed frame pattern like dddsu dddsuddsu in 5G?

Or is everything dynamically configured?

Yes there are configuration pattern which are widely used.

Hope this help. Please check 3gpp doc as mentioned for further reference.

(table 4.3.2-3 in 3GPP TS 38.211)

Yes it’s helpful, Thanks.

If you get TDD frame pattern than please let me know. :wink: