How many RBs can we use to reduce no resource at pucch?

How many RBs can we use to reduce no resource at PUCCH? How many for ul and how many for dl ?

One layer is 5mhz and the other is 20mhz. 25 rbs are for FDD and 100rbs are for TDD. There is blocking on the control channel ; how can I save for FDD 21 RBs if we use 4 for srab?

Please let us know if you have any suggestion.

Also note that the Ncqirb parameter is increased to 5 already.

If it’s Huawei you have a feature that allows pucch data to be transmited on PUSCH resources…

Whats the profit ? how can a user go on pusch if no resource is available in the PUCCH?! please correct me if i am wrong

Hi, I guess u have congestion on the 5mhz band. Have you tried to push the traffic on the other layer? Usually, we have congestion on the DL. Is there any thing special on the site?

This is very common issue please share some other analysis

its observation and asking for suggestion not analysis😏

Already checked here in india now 65 percent tdd layer utilisation and fdd 35. Now suggest

aggressive IFLB and load equalization feature to balance with Neig as well… Pl. implement😜

This is for traffic control feature. Can you suggest how to reduce block and drop

Improve your SINR which will reduce your out sync and radio fails… Physical required in cells with low cqi Nd sinr nd high radio fails

apart check ping pong mro

apart check partial handover cases which will improve drops

apart check drops happening due to ho fails in execution or prep fails

This are also a common issue sir i am asking for parameter suggestion which will reduce due to rrc completion sr.

Neighbor tunning is going on already

Ha sir… everything dont improve with parameter sir… mapinfo and field visit required sir. which i guess not going on?!

Partial handover is new in india. No one is here knows about partial handover. Field visit is not going on

see basic things are common in 2g 3g 4g… now once u identify the cause of drop or block than u can see whether phy required or soft required…for eg if timer expired is the main culprit… we tune timer parameter

That’s done!

these is the process we should look into

  1. check pci conflict / confusion
  2. tac lac mismatch
  3. rac sr

Another thing that help us was scell act in CA: I guess with 5mhz and the 20mhz, u have activated carrier aggregation. Pcell on the 20mhz. Try to reduce utilisation of the scell activation and deactivation criteria. It is in camgtcfg. Two criteria exist to activate scell (Length and buffer) try to be more restrictive u might free some resources…

Hello, here we tdd resource on fdd i wants to reduce utilisation of fdd how will i do may i get full parameter details to do this task

Hi, to reduce utlisation on fdd, used inter-frequency mobility management. There is 2 part for this. 1st on ilde mode and 2nd on connected mode.

For this share steps also