How many % of UEs support UE based ANR?

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How many % of UEs support UE based ANR? Which will add 4G inter vendor neighbors directly in 5G neighbor?

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How many % of UEs support UE based ANR

Very few.

They need to have this enabled:

How many % of UEs support UE based ANR

I think the question is for 5G to 4G neighbours addition.

Above one for 4G to 5G.

5G UEs should support 4G eCGI and PCI reporting for 5G to 4G irat HO.

I thought it’s basic functionality and ideally all UEs should support this so asked how many % practically support?

There is IE in UE capability info as well for this related to 5G to 4G ANR.

Is it not the same?

If you have neighbours 4G to 5G reported then you can use same for 5G to 4G.

What other reporting is needed?

There are many UEs supporting 5G->LTE ANR.
Basically UE should have below capabilities.

MeasAndMobParametersCommon - eventB-MeasAndReport
mac-ParametersXDD-Diff  longDRX-Cycle

It’s not same. You case is ENDC case.

What @onkar.ghatpande is asking is NR SA to 4G SA ANR.

You’re right!

I did not think about this SA case.

:+1:t2:Ok, so UE side, many UEs are supporting.

From gNB side, does it take care by CSON of DSON Nokia?

Currently it’s not yet deployed in our network and Nokia guys creating a NBR list manually.

Because 5G network is not commercialized yet.

Only test devices are there in network thats why they might b creating it manually.

There is feature to enable it in Nokia.