How many enode Bs should be configed under one TAC?

How many enode B should be configer under one TAC it is based on traffic or only just pagging?
And should i configer the TAC in 4G same number as RAC in 3G. Ex if i have 2 RAC under one RNC should i have 2 TAC ?

Hi, from what I understand a taC could be 20-30 enb. It can have different rac as 3g. But if csfb is to 3g, ensure that each tac have only one 3g lac.

Though for simplicity, that is what I did, the lac split into 2 rac and same have been done on 4g. Talist is the lac and tac is the rac

Ta list is a combination of tac

The tac planning should be based on paging/number of ue etc…

But for a new network, ue number and paging load is too small… It is better to go base line 20-30 enb

OK Thanks.