How many CSI RS beam do we have in 64T64R and 32T32R for FR1?

Hi Experts,
How many CSI RS beam do we have in 64T64R and 32T32R for FR1?
In 64T64R, I believe there are 32 CSI RS beams (4 beams per SSB).
What about 32T32R?

Yes always 4 CSI-RS beam per SSB for FR1.
8 SSB beams for FR1.

In 32T32R as well?

8 SSB beams as per 3GPP, rest depends on your connectivity between RRU and BBU how many cpri sfp you used.
Like 1 ecpri cable support 2 DL 2 UL, so single SSB.

For FR1 can be 4 SSBs or 8 SSBs.

If you need to increase SSB beams then need to take care of sfp, ecpri cables as well.

I am asking about the no of CSI RS beam in 32T32R.
For e.g. if I have 8 SSB beams in 32T32R.

Then 32 CSI-RS beams.

We have configured 8 CSI RS Port per PRB.
So how this will lead to 32 CSI RS beams?

Don’t confuse csi-rs ports with csi-rs beams.
Totally different concepts.

We have max 8 layers as of now.
As per transmission scheme 1.
As don’t mix csi-rs beams with ports.
You need special switch to activate csi-rs beams.
Untill you not make it true then it’s ssb beam only remember UE measure csi-rs signal to report csi so csi-rs ports come in picture.

How CSI RS beam is generated and what is the advantage of CSI RS beam?

Higher gain (higher SINR) and reduced interference.
This is the advantage of csi-rs beams.

CSI-RS beams used for csi reporting only.
Using CSI-RS beams you can accumulate more users.
1 csi-rs beam equal 2 layers basically you divide SSB beam in 8 layers.
So as per DL MIMO mode used per SSB beams you can concentrate more users.

Ankur, Why eCPRI constraints to support 2DL&2 UL only? It can support higher configuration…