How many BSIC can be planned for a 3 sector site?

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How many BSIC can be planned for a 3 sector site?

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Normally NCC is same for a operator in a PLMN area.

Will BSIC be single for a site (BTS) or three BSIC will be assigned to three sector BTS?

It is as per sector or as per BTS?

Yes, BSIC can defined per sector of BTS.

It does not have to be unique for each sector or each BTS.

But you cannot have the same frequency with the same BSIC seen by the same phone.

So when you are planning a GSM network, you try to prevent same BCCH frequency cells from overlapping - but if there is a bit of overlap, the different BSICs used by the cells will sort it out for the phones

But if you have overlapping sectors with same frequency and same BSIC - then the phones will not be happy with your GSM network

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Yes, correct.

And here is a nice video on BSIC: 11 Basic Procedures 1 Base Station Identity Code BSIC - YouTube

So, we have this data, collected from Drive Test.

Is any operator planning data incorrect? Or all is good?

All looks good.

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Good brief info, main criteria is planning of BSIC not to conflict them in the same serving geographic area, otherwise same BSIC same BCCH problem occurs, and we would encounter RAN quality problems as rach fail, sdcch signalling channel fail or sdcch signalling drop and so on. Some applications are used to plan it in a geographic serving area.