How is the RIC different from SON?

Hello Experts.

Nice comparison between RIC and SON, from Mavenir.

Aspects SON RIC
Optimization Optimizes Management-plane operations of network elements and cell-level parameters Additionally, optimizes RRM for control-plane and user-plane procedures and user/bearer/session/flow-level parameters on a per-UE basis across RAN protocol stack.
Intelligence Cell-level analytics and performance data correlation across the RAN stack Additionally, UE-level cross-layer analytics and state/data correlation across the RAN protocol stack
Interfaces Proprietary interfaces with network elements and apps O-RAN standardized open interfaces with network elements and apps achieving multi-vendor inter-operability
Granularity Coarse-grained and non-real-time Additionally, fine-grained and near real-time (10 ms to 1 sec) using low-latency control loops
Policies Pre-built policies/objectives to operate on network data. Adaptive training and update of policies/objectives on-the-fly while operating on network data.
Performance monitoring No standard procedures for continuous performance monitoring Standard procedures for Continuous performance monitoring and ML/AI life cycle management

Here is the source (Where you can find more help about Traffic Steering, Near-RT RIC Architecture and E2 Interface and Use-Case Realization): Building the World’s First O-RAN-Compliant, AI-Powered, Closed-Loop Near-RT RIC - Mavenir

Fig: O-RAN architecture with the RIC components and the interfaces