How gNB can describe PDCCH symbol number to UE

Hi Experts.
How gNB can describe pdcch symbol number to UE, as 5G do not have pcfich channel.

In ZTE 5G, Pdcch Symbol Number for Adaption parameter.

For 5G I read it’s fixed.
i.e. 3 symbols.

Coreset symbol is fixed.
PDCCH symbols belong to search space.
I think USS can be dynamic symbols, but don’t know how it implement.

Number of symbols belonging to Coreset can be 1,2 or 3 symbols.
Once it defined it can’t be change dynamically like LTE.
Base station transmit PDCCH using RE which belong to Coreset.

But do you understand how to implement Pdcch Symbol Number for Adaption?

Rrc Reconfiguration

RRC configured, the frequency domain number of rbs can be multiple of 6 rbs. Time domain 1, 2, or 3 symbols

Check DCI format 2_0 - it can be used to dynamically switch slot format , and UE only monitors PDCCH in symbols that are DL only.

Hi @Hainm

PDCCH resources are defined by the below parameters,

Under Coreset, FrequencyDomainResources defines the mapping in freq domain whereas ‘duration’ specifies the number of symbols for this Coreset.

Under SearchSpace, the time domain mapping within the slot is defined by ‘monitoringSymbolsWithinSlot’. Whereas, the IEs ‘duration’ and ‘monitoringSlotPeriodicityAndOffset’ specifies the time domain mapping between slots.