How frequent should cluster Drive Test be conducted?

Hello Experts,
Practically speaking, how frequent should cluster DT be conducted (for MS projects and those working with operators)?
And do counters analysis (i.e. using TAs) and ACP solutions effective work instead of DT?
Talking about clusters with more than 25 sites and avg ISD 300m.

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Monthly recommended.

Even with no new sites deployments or expansions?

Really depends on budget and need.
Assuming network is stable and mature, don’t think you need full network DT every month.
If you aren’t doing DT otherwise for site optimizations then I suggest once or twice a year is enough.

I see. We are doing it on quarterly to semi-annual basis, as 23G networks have been matured since some time, basically no action were conducted for a while.
There are still LTE expansions, so actions are being done on this side.
Any thoughts on MDT?

Haven’t used MDT personally, but think its useful.

MDT is the best if you have server to postprocess them.
You need to posprocess this huge data with Python or something similar.

Good. I haven’t tried MDT before, do you have any thought/case studies on it?
By comparison with traditional DT?
Especially if vendor is Huawei…

Here’s a nice PPT about MDT from Nokia:

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Thanks for the tip. I will see all about it. From an initial checking, I understood that MDT data could be collected through NIC (Huawei) for a specific/needed period, but I am not sure how big the data will be

The available parser for me now is Infovista Neo.
Are there any other options?

If you have Neo, then use it. :wink:

I don’t see Infovista software quite intuitive hehe…
I was used to Huawei OMStar
So other parsers out there can do the trick?

I had experience to work on Huawei WinsCloud server to process MR data.
What is your query?
You will be required NIC server to collect MR data and MDT from U2020 then process on Cloud server Huawei.

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I see. Thanks for the info @Zubairullahshah.

We are using Viavi Geolocation for MDT traces post processing.
It’s helpful but quite slow when compared to similar Huawei tool.