How eMBB service dealt at gNB/UE side? And why eMBB needed?

Hi All.
I’m studying 5G NR and trying to understand what is the significant of eMBB service in 5G NR SA deployment.
And how gNB differentiate if I have eMBB service or any other services like (URLLC).

How does a Transport block (TB) containing both eMBB data is handled?
Are all services in aspect of Transport Block handled the same without caring about type of service (eMBB or URLLC or … )?
Any real life cases that we need to use eMBB to be able to handle that case?

I’m trying to understand eMBB concept in 5G NR and how it’s used in aspects/terms of gNB/UE side.
And in aspect of bandwidth, does eMBB need more bandwidth and who determine the size of bandwidth for eMBB service?
Is DL/UL eMBB different from URLLC scheduling in terms of scheduler aspect?

Thanks alot for any help

Any help please?