How DRX is configured in Dual Connectivity scenario?

Hi All,

Can anyone suggest how DRX is configured in Dual Connectivity scenario where UE having 1 CRNTI from MN and another from SN?

So ON and sleep for data transmission from MN and SN both monitored through same DRX cycle or there are 2 different cycles running for MN & SN?

For NSA it’s not mandatory to defined DRX separately for SN.

Config can be used from MN side with QCI mapped.

So that means, DRX offsets from MN & SN are aligned and UE must wait for both LTE & NR before going to sleep state?

I haven’t seen anything specific related to drx config in specs except for a statement which says “Separate DRX configurations are provided for MCG and SCG”.

Specs do not mandate DRX to be aligned on both MN and SN.
Since the DRX config is specific to MAC entity, they are allowed to have different DRX config.
Even if they are not aligned, i don’t see an advantage w.r.t. battery saving.
In both DRx aligned and misaligned cases, both radios of UE have to wake up and try to decode PDCCH.

Actually I tried to find statements given by different chipset providers but unable to find any thing specific.

Information provided by you seems much relevant.

You can check these parameters to check if DRX is configured with proper parameter values or not. I hope this will help.

  1. onDurationTimer
  2. drx-InactivityTimer
  3. drx-RetransmissionTimer
  4. drxstartoffset
  5. drxShortCycleTimer
  6. shortDRX-cycle