How does thermal threshold work?

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I’ve seen many devices fall back to LTE when they reach the threshold temperature. How do we set it up? Also, is that one of the reasons that cause randomAccessProblem?

Sorry, I know this question is kinda broad because it also depends on the vendors; however, I really want to learn more about this process.

the temperature threshold is depend to Area and mobile model.

High temperature will cause SGC-Failure .

OVERHEATING_RPOTECTION_SW feature (TS38.331) : Indicates whether the eNodeB preferentially releases SCGs for UEs that have reported overheating information and preferentially .

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Thank you Cheilkh, is this also applied to cold temperature (~10*C)?

I’ve seen a few devices have problems attaching to NR at cold temp.

I think it can be the transistors that are not active at cold temp.

“When the temperature and doping concentration is low enough, semiconductors will essentially become insulators and not conduct at all, causing unspecified operation.”

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