How do you measure if a cell is overshooting or how do you determine how many km it should cover?

Dears: what is the measuremnt if a CELL is overshooting or not specially in urban and suburban many kms should acell covers /

how to judge acell is overshooting (TP measurmnts)

Check Propagation Delay to know about the coverage range…and then from map you can know about the logical serving range, and then compare it with the PD stats

I have checked it but how can i know the maximum serving range of the cell.(inshort how many km’s the maximum serving range of acell)

bro it depend on CPICH and height/Titls of a cell, it varies from cell to cell depends on design

Just make sure the Logical serving by comparing the PD stats with the neighbor distance on mapinfo/KML

i understand ,in our country the distribution of sites are not more THAN 500m,in urban and 1000m in sub urban but some cells cover more than 2kms,

Hi, umts cells can cover very far… 50km. But usually it is limited by propagation loss. From configuration as said it is limited to .5-1km in urban and 5-10km in rural. This depends on the coverage target of the cell

Analyzing Coverage with Propagation Delay - PD and Timing Advance - TA (GSM-WCDMA-LTE)