How do you decide downtilt angle?

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What downtilt angle is normally used in deployment in rural and urban areas?

How do you decide it?

Do you have any resources as well for the same?

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You have to do an RF planning using preditions to do the Radio Network Design of each cell.

The tilt will depend on your coverage objectives.

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It will be done as per Clutter and Antenna Height.

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Actually, it depends on many parameters, including the height of your sites, the used power, the bands of these cells and of coursethe terrains…

Usually, mechanical tilting is very harsh since it affects the coverage dramatically.

Normally, 4° downtilt is used, yet as mentioned, it depends on many factors.


Thank you!

Any document that I can use for tuning?

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Typically, you would use planning tools to create the CDD - Cell detailed data.

Planning tools, like Atoll, Unet…

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This was shared long back on telecomHall. Please check it may help → Tilt Calculator Logic - #10 by RFSpecialist

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