How do we calculate beamforming gain?

How do we calculate beamforming gain?

Does anyone has any reference for this?

Beamforming gain should be included in the link curves.

It is related to number of csi-rs ports.

Higher is the number of csi-rs ports higher will be the gain.

I have seen logs with 32 csi-rs ports.

I seen beamforming gain for massive MIMO added in RS power calculation.

But I think value calculation not simpleā€¦

Yes I know.
But would need the calculation or some approximation method based on number of beams.

Think about this: Huawei can have 16 simultaneous PDSCH layers that would mean 8 beams simultaneously.

Do you mean 8 SSB LTE MU-MIMO case?


8 beams orthogonal to each other.

SSBs are not transmitted in same time.

But those 8 beams for PDSCH are transmitted in same time.