How do I detect PSS overlapping

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Need your guide that how i detect the pss overlapping …i know that pci is the combination of pss and sss.but if i have only we calculate pss.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Use MOD3 to check PSS overlapping

Calculate PSS from PCI using MOD3.

How exactly can I use it?

open the cell file and add one column against the PCI. use excel formula =Mod(PCI,3) And drag down the formula in whole sheet you will get 0,1,2 PSS open them in mapinfo and see the PSS overlapping


CI = 3sss (0-167)+ PSS (0,1,2), so if you need to find the mode 3 values, shortcut way to divide pci by 3 and reminder is your mode 3 value. for and example if your PCI is 12 than 12/3= reminder 0 , so PCI mode 3 value is 0, same wayy for 13 is 1 and 14 is 2.
We have always 0,1,2 these 3 values of PSS in a site, so find the pss values for your whole market, plot in map info, use thematic and if same pss value sector is facing each other , than you need to change your PCI or swap the pci with in sector.

Well you can check your RACH failure KPI and throughput for the sector, if it is good and destance between the 2 sectors are high, you can live with that.

got it…thanks alot

PCI Calculator


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