How COVID-19 derailed edge computing

Hello Experts.

What do you think are the most affected areas in Telecom, due to Covid?

Just prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, a wide number of startups were planning to ramp up major investments into the edge computing industry. It was the very beginnings of a land grab – after all, the first company to build a mini data center for edge computing in, say, Socorro, New Mexico – a tiny town of around 8,000 an hour south of Albuquerque – would be the first to reap the eventual benefits of that deployment.

No doubt, semiconductors!

Which in turn, afect all areas, for example CHIPs: Why is there a chip shortage? - BBC News

Although Covid is not the only reason for CHIP Shortage: What is Causing the Global Semiconductor Shortage? - Rebound Electronics