How come 5G UE getting ipv4 public ip address though UE is latched on ipv6 only 5G-SA network?

When 5G UE is connected to ipv6 only 5G-SA network, UE is getting only ipv6 ip from network and in RRC accept device getting only ipv6 DNS address, but on UE browser when tried to know “what is my public IP” the result is showing both ipv4 and ipv6 public addresses.
Any one have any idea how come or why UE getting ipv4 public IP address in 5G ipv6 only n/w?

Thanks in Advance

UE doesn’t take IP V4 when he has IP V6, neither Natting occur in this situation.

DNS return the IP V4 assigned to the website trying to browse using his IP V6 IP add with a specific IP APN.

So you mean to if we will access whatismyip website in an ipv6 only network, the ipv4 address displayed will be the IP on the website?