How can we update MCC and MNC of a UE?

Hi All.

How can we update MCC and MNC of a UE?

Like test network:
MCC 999
MNC 99

This is SIM job not phone job :slight_smile:

So you need to update on SIM card.

I agree… this sim class 15.

Although to test a TEST network, handset should update with designated MCC and MNC tupple as well.

Otherwise we need some binary support from OEM.

Regarding SIM…

You need to create suip start and end in core end.
And from UE end you need to configure APN.
* Please mind I talk about Test Network.

This is only when UE is locked to network.

Imagine all the other unlocked phones are not designated to any MCC and MNC.

As I experienced:

To test and upcoming network…
If some UE can’t support then we need to update some binaries in handset from handset vendors .
Let’s see if we can get more insight.