How can we identify VoLTE Gap Rate getting affected due to Core end?

Hi Experts.

How can we identify VoLTE Gap Rate getting affected due to Core end?

Only packet loss is one of the kpi to see?
Or else there’s another because there’s no packet loss seen in non gbr.
Volte gap rate.
No other volte kpi affected like ho and drops.
There is fluctuation in VoLTE gap

Can HARQ VoLTE fail be due to packet loss too?
If no issue in ibler and rbler?
I have VoLTE quality issue fluctuations but not related to RF.

But there are harq retransmissions.

If retransmission that means poor RF?

Up to 4 harq retrans, maybe more.

But packet loss can be in Good RF too.

How come?
Everything is 100% transmitted in good RF.
Maybe you have packet loss at other layers not RF.
So start counting SN at IP, PDCP, RLC, MAC.
To check where you have losses.

pdcp sdu loss if more than 1 percent then.

And this is happening in good RF?
Which direction, UL or DL?

I need to check bler packet loss is in DL and cqi I don’t think RF is the issue.
This are fluctuating issues recovering and coming back and recovering I believe.
This is in entire network happening not in some sites.

Hold on.
Which exactly is the KPI that tells you this is network wide?
VoLTE only?

VoLTE gap rate is affected.
Rest all kpi are fine.

Which vendor?

Huawei has very good counters for VoLTE.


It’s like that in particular hour everything fine and then in another some hour more than half sites are bad in gap rate with no affect in another volte basic kpi.

Can you say in Huawei?
I will search in Samsung.
I found like VoLTE harq, packet loss, tti, VoLTE retainibility subcounters and VoLTE bler
Any other?

Huawei has countters that includes gap, interference etc everything is there.

Keep in mind that everything could be perfect on your cell, ( A party) if the other UE ( B party) has problem on his side you will not see anything wrong in A cell.

So it takes both side for a proper investigation A and B.

I don’t have trace rights, just have KPI and parameters, alarms to check from my end
tti increase can also be checked as this can be a indicator of users in poor RF.
They have bler target in qci1 as 0.027