How can we define maximum number of RRC connected user?

Hi Experts.

How can we define maximum number of RRC connected user?
Is it based on stress or load testing?
Or defined by some formula?
Or is it RNTI limited in a cell?

Depends on the cell bandwidth.

In Nokia system, those are the recommended

  • 1.4 MHz bandwidth 20
  • 3 MHz bandwidth 80
  • 5 MHz bandwidth 300
  • 10 MHz bandwidth 300
  • 15 MHz bandwidth 600
  • 20 MHz bandwidth 600
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There are many factors (cell BW, RF conditions, handset models, Rel versions etc) affecting RRC Connected users. So you cannot find any formula to calculate this.

There are recommendations or best estimates from vendors. But those are just guidelines so guaranteed.

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As per my experience these are RAN licenses dependant and OEM vendors have own maximum RRC connected support count.
But how they calculated this maximum count is unknown to me. Yet I agree it’s depends mostly on bandwidth and channel dimensions.
I was just doing stress testing for a Radio product, then this question pops up.

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How many users can be scheduled in NR can be calculated based on max CCE configuration.

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Do we have any parameter like max UE scheduled per slot for NR?
Like LTE we have maxuepertti.

I think max 720 users can be scheduled for NR Rel16.

For max BW 100 MHz and SCS 30 kHz.

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