How can we check Bler target for UL and DL for VoLTE and data separately?

How can we check Bler target for UL and DL for VoLTE and data separately?
In Ericsson? (Like in Nokia)

BLER Targets for MBB (Data) are hard coded in Ericsson.

For VoLTE(QCI-1) there are parameters available

  • ulHarqVolteBlerTarget
  • dlHarqVoLTEBlerTarget - Hidden

What’s the hard coded value? Is it 10%?

Yes, it is 10%.

I have changed DL Target BLER for only Data from 10% to 15% but it shows VoLTE drop impact.

Vendor is Nokia.

Can anyone tell me what could be the reason?

Change VoLTE DL Bler with less value I believe this should help.
In Huawei VoLTE DL and Ul is zero.
I think I should work but throughout can be impacted if your throughout has increased.
With BLER increase.

VoLTE BLER target is separate 2%.
With data BLER from 10 to 15% VoLTE drop impact.

Is TTI bundling enabled? And ROHC?

Yes, it is.

Change VoLTE Bler as zero in one cell and try.

I mean how data BLER can impact VoLTE?
What’s the correlation?

Because if user is latch in both in poor RF your VoLTE drop can be high in poor RF.
Assume user in data and VoLTE in poor RF.

If VoLTE call comes BLER will be 2%.
No change in pre and post.
Only data call having different BLER.

It’s just a suggestion, I have seen impact.

What’s your MOS?
Is it degraded?

MOS didn’t checked.

VoLTE MOS can give you a hint.

Any clue on this?
In multi RAB VoLTE BLER will be considered?
DL user thpt cell thpt DL MCS improved.

If user latch on non GBR and he gets a VoLTE call obviously in such case your eRAB abnormal release in VoLTE can be high as it is RLC UM.
As data is RLC AM.
Check VoLTE MOS.