How can I increase eRAB normal release?

Hi Experts,

I have low eRAB normal release in comparison with other region (same vendor).
How can I increase eRAB normal release?
Traffic is higher than others, however normal realese is less.
Vendor is Huawei.

How much the Inactivity Timer for this region?

It is 10, all of them.

Same MME for all of them?

Yes, they are in MME pool.

From MME side, is Inactivity Timer also 10?

And what about Drop Rate?

It is also high.

ERAB normal release include: user inactive + HO-outgoing + inter-RAT HO.
You can compare 3 components of normal release between 2 regions and find out which is most difference.

Intra freq handover has high difference.

What is your objective, reducing the Erab Drop Rate?
Why you want to increase “Erab Normal Releases”?

just reduce inactivity timer, you will get more normal release

Hello Experts.
How can we improve eRAB Voice Abnormal release with parameters 4G?
Vendor is Nokia.

Have you checked the abnormal releases causes counters?
The abnormal realeases can have different cause reasons and depending on that different actions can be taken.


This counter is updated upon the reception of an S1AP:E-RAB RELEASE COMMAND or S1AP:UE CONTEXT RELEASE COMMAND message sent by MME to the eNB.
This counter is not incremented in case that the S1AP:UE CONTEXT RELEASE COMMAND is received as a response to a previously sent S1AP:UE CONTEXT RELEASE REQUEST.
The exception are the ERABs when the ERAB Release command was already sent previously for the same UE.

In senario when UE lost and established to another eNB without any notice to previous eNB.
In this case, MME would found duplicate UE context, and then send S1AP:E-RAB RELEASE COMMAND without S1AP:UE CONTEXT RELEASE REQUEST to previous ENB.