How can I handle UL congestion for an overloaded cell?

Can anyone tell me about cell Uu uplink congestion state is overload congestion? How can I improve it? Traffic is not so much

its not uu congestion… its ul congestion, look at rtwp its -75… highly loaded ot interfered or check cabels or vswr

This occured suddenly last month and some other sites in the same area are affected. Locking external interference. Can someone suggest some parameter to play with?

tell me same cell or site have -75 rtwp in night as well and in which band u r getting…

No. Band 3

what about users ?

Around 50 to 60 DCH users. Now we expanded with bi sector but still no improvement!

its max or average? i mean 60 users is huge at times

Now not this much

traffic for r99 hs see it… may all will be r99 traffic

Thanks. I will check.

yeah… if its r99 traffic than u will get ce congetion as well

There is no ce congestion

cool checks users. and r99 traffic… check data traffic and voice traffic along with users… u will find the issue. u will find some load in ul leading to ul congestion