How can I force the UE side to be on RI 3 always?

Hi All 5G / LTE Experts.

Anyone knows how can I force the UE side to be on RI 3 always even if I do attenuation?

Just to keep UE always reporting RI 3 irrelative to channel condition.

Any suggestion?

Lab test?

Yes, lab test.


I assume you have cabled setup with 4x4 MIMO LTE setup.

You can attenuate 1 RF output of 4.

In this way 3 RF path will be received by UE and always report RI 3.

But I’m doing attenuation dynamically.

So assume I blocked one anntena out of 4. 3 anntenas are on.

Doing dynamic attenuation on them so UE will report RI 2 at some point of attenuation, right?

All what I wanted UE to report always ri3 irrelative to channel condition (irrelative to dynamic attenuation).