How can I check Inter-Frequency HO in gNB, in NSA?

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How can I check Inter-Frequency HO in gNB, in NSA?

How can I check Inter-Frequency HO in gNB

I seen only Intra Freq HO only for NSA.
Inter Freq case, not sure.
But concept wise it’s on basis of A3/A5.
Between same gNB or different gNB.
Means Intra gNB or Inter gNB possible.

Thanks @ankgitm.

Also, I seen Intra-Freq based on Event A3.
The main question is: Is there Inter-Freq in NSA?
I know that Inter-Freq is based on Event A5.

According Huawei, for Coverage-based inter-frequency change: Only measurement-based interfrequency handover is supported and redirection is not supported. The implementation of measurement-based inter-frequency handover is the same as that in SA mobility management in connected mode.

Yes, you’re correct: FR1 to FR2 Inter Freq HO supported.
Inter Freq HO in NR like 5G use A2 as trigger point, then A3/A5.
Gap pattern 12 to 23 applicable for NR inter Freq HO.

OK, but I am talking about FR1 to FR1, differents bands.
Is Inter-Frequency HO (NSA)?

Inter Freq HO from FR1 to FR2 or FR2 to FR2 and for FR1 to FR1 as well.

Even same band can have inter-freq HO.

Now another question:
In my Huawei network, I have a higher priority of NR2100 than NR3500 in MO NRSCGFREQCONFIG.
Why the UE sometimes connect to the NR3500 instead NR2100?

Priority is linked with idle mode reselection case.
For connected mode HO used where priority play no role.
Need to check ur settings for reselection between different frequencies of NR.
I think it’s part of SIB4 in NR, if I’m not wrong.

For NSA connectivity is per Sgnb addition according to coverage of layer .
Priority role I think not there.

Intra-base-station inter-frequency cell change procedure:

Basically process is same as inter-freq HO in LTE, except few message exchange between MeNB and SgNB.

The problem is that my A2 is in -121dBm.


It’s causing sgnb release, as in NR we have A2 based release.

How much total Bandwidth of LTE and both NR carrier?
Have you planned to activate CA?

100 MHz to NR3500 and 10 MHz to NR2100.

UE throughput must be LOW, as you set prioritized to camp 5G UE to NR2100 instead of NR3500.

I know. But unfortunately I can´t use NR3500. (It is a trial. :frowning: )

Yes IF ho is possible in NSA, I configured and tested.

A2 for IF and for sgnb release are 2 different things.

configure A2 for if measure start and a4/a5 for target IF ho. Or you can use A3 like 6 db to move between N35 and N21 so you need to check your thresholds.
Your question is related with N35, it has higher priority and to be sent to UE in rrc config first then UE measures and report B1 , it is about the measurement config configuration.
UE tends to report the B1 for freqs for the ones which it has received in rrc reconfig.
I do talk about B1 because UE goes to idle and if you only enabled coverage base b1 , UE report B1 for n35 then will go to n21 while ue move towards the out of n35 coverage. Then go idle and connect back to n35.
You should cancel A4/A5 between N35 and N21. Unncessary meas gaps for UE which UE lose throughput…

For a inter frequency ho in a same band how much is the gap between two frequency should be kept in FR2