How can I activate MIMO 4T4R for 2100 band in Huawei?

High Experts,
How can I activate MIMO 4T4R for 2100 band in Huawei?

Is your hardware supportive? I mean, does RRU support it?

Yes, RRU is RRU 5904 (4T4R).

Some tips:

  • Celldlschalgo first make as sw_rank4
  • Remaining scripts will guide you…
  • And in LST CELLl whether is 4T4R.
  • Mod cell is done don’t do again it is service affecting
  • Don’t use enbcellrsvd too.
  • Rs power needs to be chk or else site can go down if it Is integrated from 2t2r to 4t4r, as RS power is distributed from each port.

But you need to get a complete script (activation MML examples) from HEDEX.

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Thanks a lot

Hi All.

Is there any concern about implementation of MIMO 4T4R in low band (L800)?

Will it have any problems in terms of interference or dropped calls?

Vendor Huawei.

As far as I understand, you can have problems to achieve the RANK4.

No handset support 4x4 on low bands.

Samsung, Apple as far as was discussed here in forum.

Configure 2x4 instead!

So we won’t have any benefit after implementing 4T4R in this band?

If any radio supports 4T4R on low band that helps coverage level, SINR.

But in terms of RI, no benefit in my view.

You can try with Sony Xperia.