How can ANR be deactivated and deleted and reactivated?

Dear Experts.

Can anyone list the ANR related parameters in Nokia LTE?

How it can be deactivated and deleted and reactivated?

Check ANR object.

You have the parameters library - just filter on the object with ANR.

Thanks @cjounda, I will check.

One more doubt: is there any role ANR in LTE reselection from 2G?

No, there is not.

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I received a complaint from field unit that subscribers unable to latch in LTE and remain in 2G itself.

All fast reselection parameters seems to be normal.

What else can be checked?

The only thing that I found was that 2G cells are not listed in the LNREL of the LTE cells.

Have you checked the ADJL of the 2G cells?

If you don’t have ADJL (2G to 4G neighbors), you won’t be able to reselect to LTE.

Also check if fastReturnToLTE is at 1 on 2G BTS level (cells).

Fast reselection is enabled.

It seems those are missing in the the cells.

How it can be rectified?

create the ADJL object by just right click under cell. then add the neighbours.