How 5G UE knows when the csi-rs beams are broadcasted in time, frequency and space?

Hello 5G Massive MIMO Experts:
How the UE knows when the csi-rs beams (not ports, not reference channels) are broadcasted periodically in time, frequency and space?
In which RRC message UE comes to know about it?

I think periodicity not there for refined beams.
We can just have switch to activate or deactivate refined beams.

I remember in 5G RRC setup message gNB -> UE, one field about csi-rs configuration: no of resource, port, periodic/aperodic.

Those are for csi-rs reference signals.
My question was about csi-rs beams.
There can be up to 32 csi-rs beams with a predefined weight.

Beam Management is weight Management. The weight determines the widht and direction of the beam in beamforming.

The weights vary according to the channels and can be classified into the two categories:

  • Predefined static weight: for broadcast channel common control channel
  • Dynamic weight: for UE dedicated channels