HO failures increased but reduced automatically

Hi Experts.

We deactivated the X2 and ANR in some sites for Reframing purpose.

After that we saw high no of HO failures and eRAB failures in those, the counter pegged are L.HHO.Prep.Failout.TNL and L.ERABFAIL.TNL.

However after 2 hours of the activity, the failures has reduced automatically.

Can anyone explain?

Note: Even after X2 disabled, I still can see the Inter eNB HO attempt.

I think normal user behavior after X2 suppression and ANR.

And this is because the inter eNB don’t only happen through X2.

From my experience, failure due to TNL is user-plane transmission fault.

Yes, but how the recover has happened automatically?

The counters started pegging as soon as we started the ANR/X2 disable operation. After 2 hours, it recovered automatically.

Can you plot hourly the HO attempts through X2 and S1?

I think you’ll have your answer.

I can still see the X2 attempts.

Refarming means a lot of objects recreated inlcluding cells, eNodeB, terminating points to eNodeB and also including X2.

So ANR took some time to recreate everything.

We have not done the refarming yet. We just disabled the ANR and X2 first.

During the activity TNL counters pegged. However it was resolved automatically after 2 hours.

So is it related to this activity?

Have you encountered any transport related alarm like SCTP link alarms?

How did you disabled X2?
Because when you disable X2 (which is nothing but transmission) of course TNL alarms will pop up.

What command you used in OSS to disable X2?