HO fail from Huawei BSC to Nokia BSC

Hi Team,

Need suggestion , We have both NOKIA and Huawei BSC in network , now call HO unsuccessful from Huawei to Nokia Sites , But reverse (NOKIA to Huawei) no issue in HO. Pls suggest


The first issue to check are the radio parameters cells huawei if good declared in Nokia.

Check MSC definition on BSC route and inter MSC definition shd exist. Also check CRC/ device numbering values.

the external cells created correctly with information from (CGI), BCCH, BSIC? Was performed DT?
I already had this problem, because the nokia network had been made frequency retune. Please requests a new dump (Nokia) and check the parameters.

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1- cells HO
2- relations HO (external)
3- core definition
4- compare other Huw network against Nokia mean other BSC to confirm the issue only at one BSC not many
5- confirm the HO pass your source cell and fail at destination cell this will leed to to ask Nokia to confirm the relation definition

Disabling ciphering at both ends might help. We were successful in handovers between ZTE and Nortel BSCs after disabling ciphering.

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First check if the neighbouring relationships are symmetrical between HW BSC and Nokia BSC.
Then Check the codec set definition for booth BSC on the Core side.