HO Fail & Drop call reasons

Hi Experts.

I have a following problem in LTE Huawei.

The adj intrafreq is created an external table yet.

HO fron LAS_CASAS to enodBid 43523

Have HO Fail after drop.

Because random access problem in Actix.

Message before HO fail:



This value of RSSI is v.v.high.
Can you confirm from kpis?

Looks like you have external interference.

I am near to site.
The UE only have this 3 events.
All time.
And X2 is defined only in two ways.

In prep and exec phase HO, don’t have 43523:

Maybe source and target cell do not overlap enough.

What is your A3 offset, hyst and time to trigger?

Have overlapping:

A3 parameters are default.

Go in actix to message browser and see why RACH fails: msg2 or msg 4 timer expire etc.

This can happen only if you have PCI confusion e.g. a PCI of 43523 that is already neighbour from another cell.

Ok. This is a good point.

Don’t have msg RACH.

So you mean RACH was not initiated?


But the problem is have another sector with the same PCI.

Far far away sector have adj.

Maybe overshooting at your location for a bit of 10-20 meters?

Thanks a lot!

You are welcome!

So after all is PCI planning problem?

Yes, this is the problem.

In AWS band cell have a little coverage an APT very large coverage, the planner was not careful in PCI planning.

I will go and change these PCIs

Thanks a lot, and I go to check all PCI.