Hiigh number of inter frequency preparation failures

Hi Experts.

LTE Cell A of one site is doing high inter frequency preparation failures to LTE Cell B of other site.

EUTRANEXTERNALCELL, EUTRANINTERNFREQ and EUTRANEXTCELLPLMN have ne thoroughly checked and verified but still high Inter frequency preparation failures observed.

What would be the possible reason? Vendor is Huawei.

May be target cell overloaded, cell unavailable, TAC issue, etc.

Cell Available, No TAC mismatch issue.

What is the reason behind rejection?

Any specific counter available for inter freq prep HO failure rejection?

Basically I have subtracted Prep Attempts - Exe Attempts = Prep Failures.

If you have checked all other settings, use the trace to find the cause in Handover request message.

Any one knows how to get X2 Usage Statistics from PRS huawei?

Please check the prep fail cause reasons, pre.failout. (mme, ho cancel, no reply), etc.

Out of all subcause, on red highlighted sub cause is high.
Rest are extreme low and following trend.


check from trace if preparation failure due Unknown MME Code or missing S1 interface

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Interfreq can be triggered by load balance parameter, Please check parameter related to Load Balance as well.