High users count alarm

Any Samsung Expert:

eNB site is having continuous ECP DSP (ECP is channel card) fail alarm.

As per support team this alarm is due to high user count but I have seen sites having higher users counts but not having this alarm.

Is there any limitation of user counts, in Samsung, which triggers this alarm?

Faulty channel card mostly.

Continously alarms comes only when channel card is faulty.

If possible try to swap with another site and observe it.

According to Samsung manuals it is software related issue.

First try above process then, as suggested, swap to check hw.

Generally sw issue occur mostly when its observed on multiple sites post sw pkg upgrade/patch upgrade.

Single site issue mostly point out to hw.

Anyhow still above process can be checked. :+1:


But sometimes due to activate or rollback, single site may also get impacted due to software downgrade.

Your method is correct to check hw but expensive in first go(moving hw from one site to other) hence I suggest to go first as per manual.

Yes. Cards replaced site configuration, dgrow and regrow done, but still alarm persist.


  1. During initial troubleshooting fw check / sw check / any missing patch checked and all configuration done as per standard → alarm not resolved.
  2. Post SW/configuration checks hardware replaced (channel card) → alarm not resolved.
  3. Site degrow and regrow done → alarm resolved for 4 days but now site is again having alarm.

To check limitations of user account.
We can print CAC values of eNB.
Max max user with site and other sites as well to compare.
Where PRB and User counts are very high.
Usually ump overload alarm we used to get during high user count.

This case is strange.

Yes. It’s true.

You mean to say after putting new channel card also alarm didn’t cleared and both FW/SW verification is OK.

And you are having only one channel at site?

Yes, alarm not cleared and site is having 2 ECP cards and both are having alarm.

In that case you need to check main card (LMD/UAMA) and try to do swap.

Right LMDA card swapping is pending.
Will do that.

But is there any user limitation which triggers this alarm?

As far as I know I didn’t seen DSP fail due to maximum UE count or high utilized site.

Only UMP Overload observed in such cases.