High PRB utilization during pick hours affecting data speed

Hi Experts.

If I am having high PRB utilization during pick hours which affect data speed, what are the best recommendations?

What is the average CQI in the cell?

  • Increase Bandwidth
  • Offload to neighbors
  • Add new layer

This show users in a particular CQI. Can you check average CQI during the peak hour? If CQI is bad, it may need RF optimization like antenna orientation, tilt etc.

Otherwise you adjust Pa / Pb ratio to deboost RS signal to reduce load during peak hours.

Not a good idea.

This is just hiding the issue by reducing coverage, not solving.

Because you are reducing RS.

Yes, true…

I think it’s better to check interference ie CQI before taking a decision.

But increasing bw and adding new layer will require additional investment which can be planned and may take time as operators may not have enough bandwidth.

If it’s a standalone site then nothing much to do than expansion.

Yes this is a medium term solution.

In that case, yes.

Offload to neighbors part of the solutions as immediate solution.

You go for Power tunning based on the area design not as an immediate solution.


  • Parent child balancing,
  • Layer balancing
  • Overshooting opt.


  • Check TXN capping
  • Any abnormal alarms
  • Check if MIMO is working fine

Increase EPF capacity factor
DL packet length awareness

Offload to low utilized nbr cell by CIO / Relection thd.

Inter Rat tuning to shit traffic to other rat

PDCCH capacity factor. (Increase power instead of aggregation)

MBOCS= Muti band optimal carrier selection
Traffic model based performance optimisation
Dl variable IBLER Target