High ping delay on LTE networks (>200ms)

Hi Experts,
Any thoughts on high ping delay on LTE networks (>200ms)?
Other than than transmission-related issues?

Make trace route and see which node is having high delay.
May be faulty router.

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From which side this can be done?

I did from Drive Test.

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Can you please tell how that can be done through DT?
I thought this trace route is something similar to tracert in CMD.

Yes exactly from cmd.
Connect the laptop and make the command.
It will show at every node what is packet loss and delay.

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Oh, it is that straightforward? :sweat_smile: Thanks for the tip!

Is DRX ON in network?
Some of the methods we try to optimise Latency:

  1. DRX OFF
  2. TX parameter check, i.e, jumbo frame size, etc.
  3. PDCP discard timer value high value lead to delay
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