High Level 5G Ecosystem with Service continuity use case

5G Security End to End Architecture

The High Level 5G ecosystem is a complex network of interconnected elements designed to support the next generation of wireless technology for high-speed, low-latency connectivity.

It comprises primary components such as:

  • UEs and Devices (i.e. smart gadgets, from smartphones to IoT sensors)
  • 5G Networks (i.e. 5G Radio infrastructure (i.e. Small Cells / Radio devices / mMIMO / advanced antennas), Edge Data Networks / MEC, Transport Layer, 5G Core and Network Function (NFs), etc.) And
  • Service Orchestration and Service Management.
  • Applications Layer (e.g. AR/VR/MR | Remote surgery | #Autonomous vehicles | Smart cities | and other use cases to use all the capabilities of 5G)

5G Ecosystem collaborates to archive seamless and secure 5G environment, driving innovation and enhancing global connectivity.

Use Case 1 => β€œ5G Service continuity” - It ensures uninterrupted transitions between various devices & network elements & domains and between different telecommunication networks with - high-speed connectivity and reduced latency.

Explanation of how 5G Service continuity works => Follow from Sr. No (1) to (7) =>

UE (Car) β†’ eNB/gNB – A β†’ via Transport Layer β†’ Edge Data Network Server – A β†’ Service Manager & Orchestration β†’ Managed via AI/ML Platform β†’ Connected to Core Network β†’ Service Continuity is TRUE (enabled) and hence Smart Handover is possible β†’ Edge Data Network Server – C β†’ via Transport Layer β†’ eNB/gNB – C β†’ UE (Car)

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