High Drop calls in stats but no drops oberved in DT

Hi seniors,

I have enabled 2g to 3g handovers and getting high call drops statistically…but no drops observed in DT… any suggestions to normalize drops.

Which vendor ?

The vendor is ZTE. Currently, handovers are RSCP based.

It’s better to make it based on EcNo at good value _8
I tried it in Huawei and it causes dropped calls in field not counted in KPIs

Yes… in couple of days ill shift handover criteria to ecno. Did you troubleshoot that dropped call issue ?

Which band of 3G?

The band is 2100

Yes , let me remember the issue by the end of day

Should never be enabled…Drop depend on UE vendor…Some UEs make drops and some donot

Does it depend on single or dual sim ue ??

Not sure about this .