High Channel Utilization in 3G

Hi experts.
What can be the reasons for high channel utilization in both PS/CS in 3G, and what are the possible ways to resolve them. Thanks.

hi dear , if you mean channel elements ,the main reason i think is large number of users ,you can do some stuff but the main solution is to expand baseband resources (hardware and/or license)

OK i see. But more specifically my question is related to high user demands and will like to know if it is possible to have an estimation based on both DCH utulization ( RRC and RAB connection set up) and HSDPA traffic usage during busy hours?

Dear I think you better use the counters and kpis you have ,they are the best estimation , the theoretical estimation is not accurate .the more users will cause cell breathe and other factors .

i found the following on internet about 3g congestion

  1. CE (Channel Elements) Congestion: This happens when resources on the hardware are fully utilized. One solution is to add extra cards/boards in the Node B to increase capacity. For example, ZTE has BPK1 and BPKd cards that comprises of 384 and 768 CE respectively. CE congestion is always monitored by observing UL CE (since UL CE consumption is always greater than that in the DL)
  2. Code Congestion: High number of users could result in code congestion. Parameters such as minHSDPA users can be decreased to make room for cell DCH users. Carrier expansion can be done to accommodate larger number of users.
  3. TCP Congestion: This represents that Total Carrier Power limit has been reached. Addition of Power Amplifier, new nodes/sites, decreasing CPICH power, or increasing cell transmission power are some of the remedial steps for rectification.
  4. Iub Congestion: Congestion results due to fully utilized transmission media which can be increased to resolve the issue.
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