High amount of Msg3 DTX and CRC failures

Hi Team, We are using preambleformat B4 with cellradius as 5km for n78 band in NSA. As of now we are using RSI as 16 separation but seeing high amount of Msg3 failures due to DTX and CRC. Any suggestions to improve the RACH successrate ?

Below is the RACH config from L3 trace.

                  initialUplinkBWP {
                    genericParameters {
                      locationAndBandwidth 16499,
                      subcarrierSpacing kHz30
                    rach-ConfigCommon setup : {
                      rach-ConfigGeneric {
                        prach-ConfigurationIndex 159,
                        msg1-FDM one,
                        msg1-FrequencyStart 3,
                        zeroCorrelationZoneConfig 0,
                        preambleReceivedTargetPower -110,
                        preambleTransMax n10,
                        powerRampingStep dB4,
                        ra-ResponseWindow sl10
                      totalNumberOfRA-Preambles 16,
                      ssb-perRACH-OccasionAndCB-PreamblesPerSSB one : n16,
                      ra-ContentionResolutionTimer sf16,
                      prach-RootSequenceIndex l139 : 16,
                      msg1-SubcarrierSpacing kHz30,
                      restrictedSetConfig unrestrictedSet