Hidden APN

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You may have faced with APN problems like Hidden or Locked APNs

I have problem with Hidden APN
in some UEs when you set APN and save it, it goes Nowhere… i Mean you can not see it in APN lists! specially about IMS ( recently i face this issue of hiidden APN… when i set IMS APN on UE and Save that UE says that it’s set but hidden)

So my question is where the Hidden APNs are and how can i modify them?
Does it nessasarily needs ROOT access to see those APNs?

P.S I have this problems on some SAMSUNG devices and Also on xiaomi, Oppo Reno 4 Pro and …

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The IMS APN among HOS APN, both related to VoLTE normally should be preconfigured by the operator as mentioned in the reference document IR 92:

“When preconfiguring the UE to provide the IMS well-known APN during
initial attach, the home operator needs to ensure that the IMS well-known
APN is part of the subscription of the user of the UE in order to avoid attach
failure. How the home operator preconfigures the UE is out of the scope of
this PRD”.

In my knowledge the IMS APN is written by Android OS. When the USIM is inserted the OS detects MCC/MNC from the IMSI and based on that gets the APN settings automatically from its Android’s database set in the factory and which updates regularly during operation.

But it can be changed also manually if UE is rooted by editing the file apns-full-conf.xml.

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It’s somehow weird that a User can not set the APN!
I know some telco operators freeze this but its not my case. Here it’s not related to my operator as I CAN change the APN and add IMS Apn on other UEs using the same simcard!

I was looking for a way to see hidden APNs while the phone has not been rooted… and found Notting till now

Anyone knows
How the home operator preconfigures APN on the UE ?

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